Eheim Professionel 2 Filter Pad Set

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Keep your aquarium's water quality at its finest with the Eheim Professional 2 filter pad set. Available in a convenient three pack (two coarse one fine).


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Product Information

The Professionel 2 Filter Pad Set includes two extra fine filter pads that are perfect for keeping your tanks water looking clean and fresh and a single course filter pad for added versatility. Working together these filter pads great for helping increase the oxygen levels within a tank to promote healthier, disease free fish.

The Eheim Professionel 2 filter pad set provides complete filtration for use with a mechanical filtration system. While the more coarse pad is ideal for filtering out the larger debris and dirt that can accumulate within a tank, the extra fine pads complete the filtration process to catch the smaller particles.

Made for use with the Eheim Professionel 2 range these pads are easily installed and removed. So when each pad has done its job well and the inevitable clogging occurs, it's simply a matter of popping out the old filter and installing a new one.

The recommended position for these filters is above the Eheim Substrate Biomedia. Working in conjunction with the natural levels of filtration these pads are the extra cleansing edge that you need to keep your aquarium looking great

By making use of these pads you can ensure that your aquariums water is as clean as possible, which is a great way to cut down on viruses and diseases amongst the aquarium occupants. In addition to visibly clearer water, these filters also increase the oxygen levels within the water to promote healthy, well looked after fish.

Compatible filters:

2026 2126 2028 2128 2226 2326 2228 2328


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    Date 20/10/2021 19:10pm
    Eheim Pro 2 Fine Filter Pad Set, x3 pads
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    Very happy with the product and the service. Will use again.
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    Date 05/08/2019 05:08am
    Eheim Pro 2 Fine Filter Pad Set, x3 pads
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    Reliable quality product.