Eheim Professionel 2 Media Set

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A complete Professionel 2 Media Set for your Eheim filter, get it at the best price here at Swell to ensure the smooth and efficient running of your filter system.


  • 2026/2126 & 2226/2326 Media Set
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Product Information

Eheim Pro II complete media kits provide a total media change for your Eheim Professionel II filter.

Key Features:

  • 1x Phenol-free course filter foam - for biological filtration and larger particle mechanical filtration, maintains flow through of water.
  • 1x fine fine filter pad - mechanical filtration, traps smaller particles.
  • Ehfimech - mechanical filtration, traps and breaks down course particles.
  • Substrat pro - biological filtration: the micro-pore structure provides a high surface area, rapidly colonised environment for the necessary bacteria engaging in the decomposition of toxins generated as part of the nitrogen cycle.

The Substrat pro has an anti-clogging, non-abrasive pearl shaped structure to ensure optimum flow through of the water, reducing filter maintenance by up to 50%.

For use with the following filters:

  • Media Set 2520260 - Eheim Pro II filters 2026 and 2126
  • Media Set 2520280 - Eheim Pro II filters 2028 and 2128

Product Specification

Product Tank Size Output Handy Hints Guarantee Size
Eheim 2026/2126 & 2226/2326 Media Set n/a n/a Set Includes: Ehfimech, Course Filter Pad, Substrat Pro, Fine Filter Pad. n/a n/a

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    Date 24/01/2016 09:01am
    Eheim 2026/2126 & 2226/2326 Media Set
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    Does the job well.
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    Date 17/05/2015 09:05am
    Eheim 2026/2126 & 2226/2326 Media Set
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    Great condition as always.
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    Date 22/02/2015 10:02am
    Eheim 2026/2126 & 2226/2326 Media Set
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  • Rating
    Date 15/11/2014 22:11pm
    Eheim 2026/2126 & 2226/2326 Media Set
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    Great service thank you.