Eheim Professionel 3 2080

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The Eheim Professionel 3 2080 is a large high power filter suitable for aquariums up to 1200 litres, keeping everything swimming along nicely.


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Product Information

The Eheim Professional 3 2080 is a large easy-to-use high power filter that incorporates lots of new features. Suitable for aquariums of up to 1200 litres, this external filter is perfect for large and well stocked tanks.

The Eheim Professional 3 has a new self-priming aid. Pushing the priming button starts the water flow into the filter for a quick and easy start-up. It has smooth ceramic components such as the shaft and axle, so you can be confident of a smooth, quiet process.

It has a large volume prefilter which removes large particles of dirt and waste easily, before it reaches the main filter. This means that the filter media lasts longer between changes and maintenance, saving you money and time. Please note that media is not included, however we have the corresponding Eheim 2080 Filter Media Set at a great price. All media is included in the kit.

The Eheim Professional 3 has triple hose connection (2 x 16mm inlet pipes & 1 x 16mm outlet pipe) for perfect water circulation around large aquariums. It has improved handling features including recessed handles, transport wheels, 4 sturdy clips, and multifunction adaptor.

Its large, safe and easy-to-use locking clips ensure a completely water seal too, so you can be sure of a top quality performance. 


  • Maintenance and flow rate indicator.
  • Adjustable pump outlet
  • Integral large volume pre-filter pre-cleans the water mechanically to allow for longer between main filter cleaning
  • Includes a pre-filter drip tray to allow pre-filter to be removed and serviced cleanly
  • 4 strong transport wheels make the filter easy to manouvere
  • 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Comes complete with all hoses, pipes, fittings, spray bar and pre-filter drip tray.


  • For aquariums up to 1200 litres
  • Pump Output: 1700 lph
  • Power Consumption: 25w
  • Filter Volume: 12 Litres + 1.5 Litre pre-filter (within canister)
  • Dimensions: Height: 567mm* Width: 330mm Depth: 330mm
  • Height after allowance for hose attachment: very approx 60cms

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    Date 07/04/2018 17:04pm
    Eheim 2080 Professional 3 XL (no media)
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    Definitely Best on the Market
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    Date 26/05/2015 16:05pm
    Eheim 2080 Professional 3 XL (no media)
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    Been in operation for a week, it will take several weeks to mature and hopefully do what it is supposed to do.