Eheim products

To find out these innovators created the world’s first suction aquarium filter will be no surprise to fans of this brand, especially considering the reliability of their current range of compact pumps, used all over the UK and Europe to a variety of purposes such as powering their efficient filter systems and for circulation.

Precise and robust, these pumps have a huge range of flow rates across the product range, making sure that whatever the task, there is an Eheim pump that will fit the bill.

Not only has the range developed into selling some of the most popular aquariums in the market, this is a company that doesn’t stop, and you can get all the tech you need for your aquarium, from heaters to thermostats with this brand, working harmoniously together for a better, smoother running fish tank system.

Based around automating as much of your systems as possible, this product range can make your fish keeping as easy as possible, with automated feeding and temperature control systems that mean your tank can run itself more often once you have established the water chemistry.

Swell UK wouldn’t have been the same without Eheim, and you will always find the best of this range on our shelves and on our site, ready for same-day despatch to your doorstep on weekdays, at the best possible price due to our dedication to discount prices for our customers.