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Evolution Aqua Acriflavine

Anti-bacterial treatment for tail and mouth rot

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  • Anti-bacterial, active medication treatment for Koi
  • Two dose treatment process is less aggressive for fish
  • Tamper-proof bottles with dosing caps
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This is a fantastic anti-bacterial treatment for pond fish, particularly Koi.

What is Evolution Aqua Acriflavine?

Evolution Aqua Acriflavine is a powerful anti-bacterial medication for Koi. It works to treat fin, mouth and tail rot as well as mouth fungus, ulcers and bacteria. This Koi treatment comes with dosing caps to make application a breeze. All of the Evolution Aqua medications undergo full quality control testing.

What are the benefits of two-step dosing?

The two-step dosing process is a less aggressive treatment and is generally kinder to fish. It helps Koi become accustomed to a higher active dose rate. We recommend using the first dose the first day and the fourth dose the next. A two-step dose ensures treatment is present to attack vulnerable stages of the illness. Occasionally, parts of illness lifecycles cannot be killed with active ingredients, so a longer period of high concentration is required to attack these parts when they arise. An example of this is white spot.

What common symptoms can be treated with Evolution Aqua Acriflavine?

Whenever your Koi appear to have large open sores, ulcers or any other type of bacterial issue, we recommend using Acriflavine.

Product Evolution Aqua Acriflavine 1000 ml
Size 1000 ml
Dosing cap provided Yes
Treats 2 x 20,000 l
Suitable for Koi carp only
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