Evolution Aqua Evo Aquarium UV Steriliser

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The Evolution Aqua EvoUV Aquarium Steriliser offers you a professional ultraviolet steriliser for home aquariums.


  • Aquarium UV 15w
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  • Aquarium UV 25w
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Product Information

Evolution Aqua Aquarium Sterilisers are ideal for lowering disease pathogens in your aquarium, and clearing green water as well. These come in a choice of 2 sizes, 15w and 25w, to suit your aquarium size, and include a versatile 360° rotating stepped hosetail system, allowing them to quickly and easily connect to your existing filtration system.

These can be connected together, in either parallel or series link, to increase sterilisation capability, meaning you can accommodate for larger water volumes or higher flow rates. The 15w is suitable for aquariums up to 400l in volume, and the 25w is for use up to 600l systems.

ModelAquarium SizeMax Flow RateUV WattageInlet/OutletDimensions
UV15S400l (90G)1,500lph15w32mm540 x 120 x 120mm
UV25S600l (130G)2,000lph32mm25w32mm540 x 120 x 120mm

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