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A superb UV clarifier for ponds, this Evolution Aqua evoUV connects best with other EVO Aqua products, but works as a fantastic in-line UV to help your pond clear up, ridding it of green water.


  • Evo 15w UV
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  • Evo 25w UV
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  • Evo 30w UV
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  • Evo 55w UV
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  • Evo 75w UV
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  • Evo 110w UV
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Product Information

Evolution Aqua's innovative Evo UV range comprises of three sizes of UV Clarifier for use in garden ponds, and since the moment of their release they have quickly become firm favourites with pond keepers all over Europe and beyond. You can choose from either the Evo15, Evo25, Evo30, Evo55, covering a wide range of pond sizes from your little wildlife pond strait to your large Koi ponds.

Larger intensities of UV light cause free floating algae blooms to fuse together into larger particles and die, allowing them to be captured by the media in your pond filter and be broken down, leaving you with cleaner water.They have unique design that gives less head loss than other manufacturers models, saving energy costs by negating the need for a more expensive pump

There are quite a few on the market now, however the EVO range has developed a reputation for reliability, efficiency and an ability to get great results - near perfect water clarity.

Replacement quartz available here

ProductMax Pond SizeMax Flow RateUVInlet & OutletDimensionsGuarantee
Evo 15w UV15,000L7,500 LPH15w Bulb25/32/38mmL58cm x W16.7cm x D8.8cm2 Years
Evo 25w UV20,000L10,000 LPH25w Bulb25/32/38mmL58cm x W16.7cm x D8.8cm2 Years
Evo 30w UV30,000L15,000 LPH30w Bulb25/32/38mmL98cm x W16.7cm x D8.8cm2 Years
Evo 55w UV55,000L20,000 LPH55w Bulb25/32/38mmL98cm x W16.7cm x D8.8cm2 Years
Evo 75w UV75,000L25,000 LPH75w Bulb38mmL128cm x W16.7cm x D8.8cm 2 Years
Evo 110w UV75,000L25,000 LPH2 x 55w Bulbs50mmL106cm x W23cm x D16cm2 Years

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