Evolution Aqua Malachite Green

Anti-fungal and anti-parasite treatment for Koi carp

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  • Anti-fungal and anti-parasite treatment for Koi
  • Powerful active formulations and ingredients
  • Two step dose formula
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What is Evolution Aqua Malachite Green?

Evolution Aqua Malachite Green is a powerful, active, two-dose treatment designed to treat fungal and parasitic diseases in Koi fish. These fish pond medicines are available in two sizes and are effective against white spot, costia, chilodenella, and trichodina. Designed in tamper-proof bottles, dosing is made easy with dosing caps.

How is Malachite Green effective against fungal and parasite diseases?

A two-step dosing process used by Evolution Aqua is gentler on fish while also giving a higher active dose rate. Rather than being exposed to aggressive treatment from day 1, the fish have time to acclimate to the treatment from day 1 to 3, with an additional dose on day 4. Since some parts of illness lifecycles can not be killed, active ingredients need to be high for a longer period of time in order to kill them when the vulnerable part returns. In this case, white spot is an excellent example.

When should this active medication be used?

Koi should be treated with Evolution Aqua malachite Green treatment when they appear to be flicking, when parasites are visible, or if a cloudy mucus appears on the fish. If fungus that looks like cotton wool is present and white blemishes appear on the body, head, and fins, Malachite Green will treat this.

Dosage instructions

Calculate the pond’s volume using the following calculation: Length in metres x width in metres x average depth in metres x 1000 = Litres, divide by 4.54 for gallons
  • Shake the Evolution Aqua Malachite Green bottle well before use
  • Turn off UV bulbs for 7 days after the last dose, and remove all activated carbon and zeolite from pond filters
  • Using the dosing cap provided, measure 1 x 20ml dose per 3520 litres (775 gals) of pond water
  • Add the medication to a bucket of pond water and then distribute this evenly over the surface of the pond. As this is a dye-based treatment, water discolouration will occur
  • As this is a two-dose treatment, the pond should be treated again three days later at roughly the same time

  • We recommend checking all water quality parameters as poor water quality is often a cause of illness

    During stormy or humid weather, avoid dosing. Make sure the pond is well aerated during the treatment. In case of a possible adverse reaction, allow time to observe fish after dosing. Whenever handling chemicals, always wear protective gloves. Do not use if the water temperature is above 25°C.

Product Evolution Aqua Malachite Green 500 ml Evolution Aqua Malachite Green 1000 ml
Size 500 ml 1000 ml
Dosing cap provided Yes Yes
Treats 2 x 22,000 l 4 x 22,000 l
Suitable for Koi carp only Koi carp only
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