Evolution Aqua Nexus Eazy

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This Evolution Aqua Nexus Eazy is a complete pond filter, making use of highly-developed filtration technology to deliver the clearest and cleanest water possible.


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Product Information

The Nexus Eazy equipped with the revolutionary newly redesigned ''Eazy'' central stainless steel mechanical basket, containing static K1 Micro media. Available in both pump and gravity fed versions.

The unit utilises constant movement to keep the water flowing and maximum exposure to the filter media. The result is sparkling clean water and a beautifully healthy pond.

Advanced Filtration

The Nexus Eazy 220/320 boasts a new Stainless Steel Filter Basket. The slotted basket ensures that larger pieces of debris and waste are strained away before passing through to the system. The basket contains K1 Micro Kaldness media which aids the filtration of smaller pieces of waste and also provides a good level of bacterial filtration. Waste is sent to a large capacity zone in the base of the unit, which can be cleaned easily upon removal of the filter basket.

K1 Biological Micro media fills the outer chamber. The tiny wheels provide the perfect spot for bacteria to colonise and break down the nitrites in the water. As the chamber constantly moves, the old bacteria is removed making more space for the new, which means little maintenance of this section is required. More media can be added should you require a higher level of filtration. An air pump is required to keep the media suspended, which means more exposure to the water. Airline is included to make installation even easier.

Media Included:

  • 220 - K1 Biological Media (Outer chamber) 50 litres; K1 Micro Media (Inner chamber) 18 litres
  • 320 - K1 Biological Media (Outer chamber) 100 litres; K1 Micro Media (Inner Chamber) 20 litres

Evolution Aqua recommend their own Air Pump is used with this unit. For the 220, the 75 model and the 320 the 95 is the best options.

The 220/320 is incredibly easy to install, and thanks to the small footprint of the unit, takes up little space - great for a smaller space. Thanks to the low running costs, the Evolution Aqua 220/320 unit is one of the most efficient and cost effective on the market.

Thanks to the open design of the unit and a viewing window on the inner chamber, you can view the action from above, which means you can check for any blockages easily.

Waste water is easily expelled thanks to a waste pipe on the base of the unit.

A Lid is available for this unit. Heavy, weather resistant and durable, the lid fits perfectly.

Key Features:

  • The only filter system on the market incorporating the genuine Kaldness moving bed technology for improved biological filtration.
  • New Stainless Steel Filter Basket containing K1 Micro Kaldness media for improved flow and improved mechanical filtration
  • Filter basket has a clear lid for easy inspection
  • New models have a larger solid waste capture zone, making maintenance and cleaning much easier
  • Injected air via an air pump keeps the Kaldness K1 biological media in suspension.
  • Provides excellent water quality and clarity.
  • Zero maintenance in biological stage.
  • Low running costs.
  • Easy to install ''plug and play''!
  • Small footprint reduced installation costs.
  • The biological capacity can grow with your fish simply just add more Kaldness K1 media.
  • Open mechanical filter allowing visual inspection to provide visual proof that the media is 100% clean after maintenance.
  • Exceptionally easy to clean using the unique backwash facility.
  • Can be either pump or gravity fed.
  • Does not need a high pressure and costly circulating pump

Product Pond Size Max LPH Guarantee Filter Type Dimensions Max Media Outer Chamber
Nexus Eazy 220 18,000L 10,000 LPH 1 Year Bio 1250 x 1116.3 x 840mm 150L K1 Media in Bio Chamber
Evolution Aqua Nexus Eazy 320 34,000L 13,000 LPH 1 Year Bio 1323 x 1434 x 1070mm 300L K1 Media in Bio Chamber

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    Evolution Aqua Nexus Eazy 220
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    Evolution Aqua Nexus Eazy 320
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    Evolution Aqua Nexus Eazy 320
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    the 4" to 2" connector is really to a 2.75" pipe/this is a minor issue on a very good product/easily resolved