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Evolution Aqua Sedative

Reduces Koi stress to allow examinations to take place

At a glance...
  • Sedative treatment for Koi
  • Reduces fish stress
  • Allows minor examinations and assessments
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The treatment helps all fish. Only one dosage and days later they’re looking great.

What is the Evolution Aqua Sedative?

Evolution Aqua Sedative is a topical Koi treatment that reduces fish stress, allowing minor surgical procedures, scrapes and examinations to be performed when treating or assessing illnesses in Koi Carp. This fish sedative is available in a 100 ml bottle with a tamper-proof cap for safety. All of the Evolution Aqua medications undergo full quality control testing.

When should Evolution Aqua Sedative be used?

We recommend using this sedative when your Koi appear to be unwell and sedation is necessary to investigate any issues in more detail.

Dosage instructions

Follow the instructions and prepare everything to make the procedure as stress-free as possible. The treatment bath must be filled with just enough pond water to cover the fish and an air stone should be added. In the unlikely event of an adverse reaction, or if the fish needs to be recovered, make sure another untreated bath with an air stone is on hand.

Before each dose, shake the bottle thoroughly for one minute. Add 5ml to the bath per 10L of water (1 pipette = 1ml). Do not add the sedative to the pond. First, dissolve the sedative in a cup of warm water, then mix thoroughly into the bath. Wait for 5 minutes to disperse.

Note: All fish require different levels of sedative. This product is designed to slowly and safely sedate them so don’t panic if it takes several doses or longer than 10 minutes. If the fish reacts adversely or you feel uncomfortable, return the fish to clean water. Do not leave the fish unattended.

Product Evolution Aqua Acriflavine 100 ml
Size 100 ml
Suitable for Koi carp only
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