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Evolution Aqua Wound Cleaner

Active treatment for disinfecting ulcers, cores, fins and tissue in Koi

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  • Professional topical treatment for Koi
  • Cleans and disinfects ulcers and sores
  • Tamper proof bottle with dosing cap
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This is an absolute pond essential for ensuring the safety and health of your fish.

What is Evolution Aqua Wound Cleaner?

Evolution Aqua Wound Cleaner is a powerful, active, two-dose topical treatment for Koi. This wound cleaner cleans and disinfects ulcers, sores, tissue and fins in Koi carp. It’s designed in a tamper-proof bottle and dosing is made easy with the provided dosing cap.

What are the benefits of two-step dosing?

Two-step dosing is generally kinder to fish. It helps Koi become accustomed to higher levels of active doses. Use the first dose the first day and the fourth dose the next. Occasionally, parts of illness lifecycles cannot be killed with active ingredients, so a longer period of high concentration is required to attack these parts when they arise. A great example of this is white spot.

What common symptoms can be treated with this fish pond treatment?

Evolution Aqua Wound Cleaner can be used when Koi carp have ulcers or sores that need close attention and treatment. It can also be used to treat damage caused during spawning or if Koi have any general scrapes.

Dosage instructions

  • Shake the Evolution Aqua Wound Cleaner bottle well before use
  • Dry the wound for effective treatment. We recommend sedating larger fish prior to handling with Evolution Aqua Koi Sedative
  • Liberally apply the treatment directly to the wound and surrounding area using a pipette or cotton wool balls
  • Avoid any contact with gills and eyes
  • Do not dry off the medication and repeat after 3-4 days if the dressing has gone

We recommend checking pond water quality parameters as poor water quality is often a cause of illness. You may want to add Evolution Aqua Acriflavine to control disease-causing bacteria levels in the pond.

Product Evolution Aqua Wound Cleaner 100 ml
Size 100 ml
Dosing cap provided Yes
Suitable for Koi carp only, this treatment should not be added to your pond
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