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These Oase Filtomatic Pond Filters are part of Oase's famed Clear Water Systems (CWS), made to get the best quality water in your pond possible, featuring several types of state-of-the-art water filtration techniques.


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Product Information

Pond experts Oase use advanced technology in the Filtomatic Pond Filter range. Part of the Oase Clear Water System (CWS), the main goal is to perfectly cleanse the water in your pond. The filters can be buried, giving you greater versatility when planning your garden.

The Filtomatic uses a combination of Ultra Violet light and filter media to fully cleanse the water in your pond. Ultra Violet light treats the water as it passes through the unit, algae cells are forced to cling together, making them much easier to remove.

The UV light can be controlled manually or automatically depending upon your requirements, making this one of the most convenient and intelligent pond filters around. The automatic mode means the light can be programmed to work as needed, saving 40% energy in comparison to other units.

Filter foams are included to strain away any debris and waste. Maintenance is easy, simply use the pump system to expel sludge and dirty water from the foams and prolong the life of your unit. Each unit comes with the standard Digital temperature display.

Dimensions(LxWxH)Power Cable LengthGuaranteeUVC PowerPurple FoamsRed FoamsUVC-Operating hours mtrInlet ConnectionOutlet ConnectionLitres Per HourMax. Flow RateSuitable for Ponds up to Max.Suitable for Ponds with Fish StockSuitable for Ponds with Koi*
7000380 x 380 x 520mm10m2 + 1 Years11w218000 h38mmDN 752500 l/h4000 l/h7.0m³3.5m³2.0m³
14000380 x 380 x 720mm10m2 + 1 Years24w218000 h38mmDN 753500 l/h5000 l/h14.0m³7.0m³3.5m³
25000380 x 580 x 720mm10m2 + 1 Years24w428000 h38mmDN 753500 l/h6000 l/h25.0m³12.5m³6.5m³

*Note: When planning a new pond with Koi stock, please ensure a minimum pond size of 5m³

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