Fish Mate Pond Pump Service Kits

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Maintain your Fish Mate Pond Pump and water features with this Fish Mate Pump Service Kit. The Fish Mate kit is a great product with all the garden pond equipment and spare parts you'll need to repair your pump including an impeller ceramic shaft for the magnetic rotor, impeller cover, magnetic cover and one-way arm/pin. With these service kits and the replacement impeller, you'll be able to ensure your pond pumps maintain year-round service, producing incredible results and high flow rates for your garden pond.


  • 4000 Pump Service Kit (model 449)
    code: 452 In Stock (Only 4 left!)
  • 5000 Pump Service Kit (model 377)
    code: 393 In Stock (Only 6 left!)
  • 7000 Pump Service Kit (model 378)
    code: FM394 In Stock (Only 7 left!)
  • 9000 Pump Service Kit (model 379)
    code: 395 In Stock (Only 5 left!)

Product Information

What is a Fish Mate Pond Pump Service Kit?

The Fish Mate Pond Pump Service Kits contain everything you'll need to make quick repairs and maintain your pond pump. Each Fish Mate kit contains the right replacement parts and maintenance kit for the relevant Fish Mate pond pump.

How do I find the right kit for my Fish Mate pump?

We sell a variety of Fish Mate service kits so it can seem a little tricky to find the right one for your pond pump. Simply find your Fish Mate Pond Pump in our selection of pond pumps and order the corresponding Fish Mate kit from our selection.

How do I replace my Fish Mate Pond Pump impeller?

To replace the impeller on your Fish Mate Pond Pump simply remove any external casing, revealing the impeller housing chamber and magnetic rotor. Twist and remove the impeller, this may take a little force as it magnetised. Insert and twist the new impeller from your Fish Mate Pond Pump Service Kit into the magnetic rotor carefully, protecting the ceramic shaft, then replace the external casing on your Fish Mate pond pump.

Why do I need to replace my Fish Mate impeller?

Like tyres on a car, impellers are worn down by friction over time. To ensure your Fish Mate pond pump is working at its best we recommend checking the impeller a few times each year and replacing it if it looks worn down. By regularly replacing and maintaining the impeller you'll be able to ensure your Fish Mate pond pumps continue to work with peak efficiency.


Material Plastic


Suitable for Model
1200 Pond Pump 397
1500 Pond Pump 298
2000 Pond Pump 450
3000 Pond Pump FM451
4000 Pond Pump 452
5000 Pond Pump 393
7000 Pond Pump FM394
9000 Pond Pump 395

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