Fish Mate Pond Pump Service Kits

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Fish Mate Pond Pump Service Kits are available for each of the Fish Mate pond pumps, ensuring a long life with optimal performance.


  • 1200 Pump Service Kit (model 390)
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  • 1500 Pump Service Kit
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  • 2000 Pump Service Kit (model 447)
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  • 3000 Pump Service Kit (model 448A)
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  • 4000 Pump Service Kit (model 449)
    code: 452 In Stock (Only 6 left!)
  • 5000 Pump Service Kit (model 377)
    code: 393 In Stock (Only 6 left!)
  • 7000 Pump Service Kit (model 378)
    code: FM394 In Stock (Only 7 left!)
  • 9000 Pump Service Kit
    code: FM379 Out of stock (Notify me)
  • 9000 Pump Service Kit (model 379)
    code: 395 In Stock (Only 6 left!)

Product Information

Keep your Fish Mate Pond Pump in good working order with these handy service kits. Performing regular maintenance can prolong the life of your pump, and as such, keep your pond cleaner for longer.

Fish Mate pond pumps are a very popular choice among pond keepers. They are cost and energy effective, yet still offer a superb performance. Fish Mate have made sure that the service kits contain everything that you might need to maintain or repair your pump quickly and easily.

Each kit includes:

  • Impeller.
  • Impeller cover.
  • Magnetic rotor.
  • One way arm/pin.

Please note: rear bearing is not included in the kit.

Simply pick the corresponding kit for your pond pump and add to the basket.

Check for blockages in the pump too, as they can cause damage to the vital components if left in place.

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