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FishScience Fancy Goldfish Sinking Pellets

A brilliant choice for feeding Fancy goldfish

At a glance...
  • Complete sinking diet for Fancy goldfish
  • Contains cereals, insect meal and fish hydrolysate
  • A range of sizes to stock up on
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FishScience Fancy Goldfish Sinking Pellets food is in bite sized pieces making it easy to feed and resulting in no uneaten pieces in your aquarium. These sinking pellets create the insect based diet that goldfish would naturally consume.

Specially formulated with Insect Meal to promote health and easy digestion whilst reducing waste. Suitable for pond or aquarium goldfish.

Naturally enhances the colour of your goldfish using Spirulina algae, paprika and krill Contains garlic and omega oils to promote health.


Cereals, insect meal, fish hydrolysate, yeast, garlic, salmon oil, krill, shrimp, vegetables, Spirulina algae

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