FishScience Frozen Blister Pack Daphnia

A conveniently pre-portioned blister pack rich in protein, fiber and vitamins

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  • Nutritious frozen daphnia containing high levels of protein, fats and vitamins
  • Ideal for Tropical and Coldwater fish
  • Pre-portioned blister packs
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What is FishScience Frozen Blister Pack Daphnia?

A conveniently pre-portioned blister pack of frozen daphnia which are rich in protein, fibre and vitamins. Just defrost the amount required and feed straight into the tank.

  • 30 separate cubes per 100g blister, in a handy pack of 10
  • Rich in protein, fibre and vitamins
  • Ideal for freshwater fish, both coldwater and tropical.
  • Flash-frozen for optimum freshness

Daphnia, also known as Water Fleas, are crustaceans which filter feed on particles such as algae in the water column. They are ideal for smaller coldwater and tropical fish, such as bettas, tetras, minnows and even fry. As they are derived from a freshwater environment, daphnia is not suitable to be used with marine fish. FishScience daphnia are sustainably sourced and flash-frozen to ensure freshness once defrosted. Frozen daphnia have a benefit over livefood as they are convenient to store, and last longer periods of time. Each pack of frozen daphnia is 100g and contains 30 individually sealed cubes.

How do I feed my fish Daphnia?

Simply remove the amount of food required from the pack, defrost and add to your tank. Only feed as much as your fish can eat in a few minutes, and remove any uneaten food within 10 minutes to avoid impact on water quality. Each blister pack should be stored at -18°c in the freezer to prevent spoiling.

What are the benefits of this live Daphnia?

Daphnia are particularly nutritious to fish because of the high levels of vitamins A and D which contribute towards fish growth and immune support. Daphnia are also high in fibre which can help prevent digestive issues when fed as part of a varied diet. FishScience daphnia is enriched with salmon oil to add essential vitamins, trace elements and omega-3 to ensure optimal nutrition is provided for your fish.

Frozen food is despatched directly from the supplier the same day if you order before 12pm and the next day if you order after 12pm. Frozen foods are delivered Monday to Thursday on a next working day delivery service and must be signed for. Frozen food is not suitable for express delivery.

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