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ALL SHIPPING £2.99 + SAVE up to £15 extra - SEE CODE >

Fluval Air Control Valves

Take control of air flow in your aquarium

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  • Two-way air control valve for oxygenators and airstones
  • Can be used on any standard freshwater or marine airline
  • Adjust valves to increase or decrease airflow
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These air control valves can be used on any standard airline, and with freshwater or marine system.

The 2 Way Air Valve means you can put this into the airline to control the flow to an airstone or bubbler - just cut the current airline flow, add the valve, and use the dial to adjust as needed.

The 3 Way Air Valve allows you to split 1 airline, and also control the flow that each of the remaining lines get, going from 1 outlet to 2, whilst still maintaining the control of it.

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