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Fluval Ammonia Remover Foam Insert

Keep your aquarium ammonia-free

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  • Ammonia removing filtration media for Fluval filters
  • Specifically designed for easy installation
  • Each pack contains 4 sets of filter media
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This Ammonia remover foam block is a form of chemical filtration that ensures that toxic ammonia is removed to prevent immediate fish loss. This is ideal for helping to support a healthy tank, and is best used in aquariums that have a higher than average fish stock, or for new tank additions, when there may be ammonia spikes.

The ammonia can be fatal to fish, so this is an essential part of a filtration system, and helps to reduce the stress on the fish, and is also useful after fish have finished a medication course. For best results, this should be replaced monthly, or as required is there is an ammonia spike shown from testing.

This is specifically designed for the Fluval Spec, Fluval EVO and Fluval Flex range of tanks, and comes in a 4 pack box.

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