Fluval Bio Foam+ (104/5/6, 204/5/6)

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Exclusively designed for Fluval aquarium canister filters, Fluval Bio-Foam performs exceptional mechanical and biological filtration.


  • Bio Foam 104/5/6 & 204/5/6
    code: A236 In Stock (Only 3 left!)
  • Bio Foam 304/5/6 & 404/5/6
    code: A237 In Stock (Only 3 left!)

Product Information

These Bio Foams from leading manufacturers Fluval are designed to fit the entire range of Fluval canister filters from the older 04 series to the new 06 models.

The foams are custom made to fit the corresponding filter and as such this means that all of the water will pass through the media. These high quality foams provide your aquarium with both mechanical and biological filtration as the porous surface promotes the development of natural bacteria which consumes nitrates and other unwanted elements.

To make sure that you choose the right Bio Foam for your Fluval filter, simply choose the same number that appears on your filter, eg 106 Filter = 106 Bio Foam.

These efficient filter foams are suitable for use in both freshwater and marine aquariums.

One per box, Not made to fit the FX5/6 cannister filters.

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    Date 15/05/2019 10:05am
    Fluval Bio Foam 104/5/6 & 204/5/6
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    Have used this product for many years to good effect
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    Date 25/02/2016 12:02pm
    Fluval Bio Foam 304/5/6 & 404/5/6
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    As expected
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    Date 13/05/2015 17:05pm
    Fluval Bio Foam 104/5/6 & 204/5/6
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    Could tell these were clearance, the boxes were dusty :)