Fluval Bio-Foam Value Pack

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Keeping your Fluval External Filter in the best condition with these easy Value Packs, containing all the Bio-Foam components you need.


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Product Information

This one-stop shop for Bio-Foam is ideal to keep your external filter in the best condition - no hunting around to ensure you have the right sizes in all the right types, just grab the value pack with everything you need. This is also available in a Media Value Pack too, so you know you've got everything you need! This Value Pack offers you a 6 month supply!

The Fluval Bio-Foam Value Pack includes 3 components:

- Bio-Foam MAX: The blue biological sponge, which features a rippled surface pattern to offer 30% more area for increased debris and waste capture.

- Bio-Foam: The white mechanical sponge, which is precision cut to ensure there are no gaps which debris can bypass through. This has a complex foam structure which maintains consistent water flow.

- Bio-Foam+: The black sponge for both mechanical and biological cleaning, which has a large porous surface to support extensive beneficial bacteria growth.

This Value Pack is available in 4 sizes, suitable for the Exteral Filters 07 Range, just choose the right one for you! Grab your Media Value Pack here too.

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