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Fluval Clean and Clear Cartridge

Aquarium filter media for a clearer aquarium and healthier fish

At a glance...
  • Filter media cartridges for the Fluval U Series filters
  • Prevents algae growth and keeps aquarium water crystal clear
  • Helps to reduce phosphate and nitrate
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These cartridges will clear your aquarium in hours. A must if you have a U series filter.

What are the features of the Fluval Clean and Clear Cartridge?

The Fluval Clean and Clear Cartridge is packed with special high-performance resins, proven to reduce phosphate and nitrate for a cleaner, clearer aquarium and healthier fish. Suitable for the Fluval U series aquarium filter range, the Clean and Clear Cartridge extends the time between water changes and provides optimum biological balance.

What are the benefits of special high-performance resins?

As well as helping to keep water beautiful clean, the high-performance resins in the Clean and Clear Cartridge, removes nitrate and phosphate from your aquarium water. The removal of these compounds results in crystal clear water and prevent algae growth, removing unsightly algae and green slime in your tank.

The high-performance resin in this filter medium allows you to save time on maintenance. The cartridges are active for approximately one month and should be replaced after this period. We recommend using the Clean and Clear Cartridge alongside the Biomax media for powerful mechanical, chemical and biological filtration.

Dimensions 15.5 x 8.5 x 5 cm
Suitable for U-Series internal (underwater) filters
Filter medium active for One-month
Colour White
Quantity Pack of 2
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