Fluval CO2 Ceramic Diffuser 88g

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The Fluval CO2 Ceramic Diffuser 88g helps your plants grow in your aquarium by delivering the perfect amount of CO2 needed for good synthesis for growth.


  • CO2 Ceramic Diffuser 88g
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Product Information

The Fluval CO2 Ceramic Diffuser 88g is designed to work with the Fluval CO2 System to even distribute the perfect level of CO2 into the aquarium.

The amount of Carbon dioxide in the aquarium water has a direct effect on the overall health of aquatic plants, which makes the presence of a high quality carbon dioxide diffuser so important.

This diffuser comes with a heavy duty clear sucker and can easily be attached to any CO2 kit via pipe connection.

This unit can also be used with the Fluval CO2 Bubble Counter, so that you can monitor the dose carefully.

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    Fluval CO2 Ceramic Diffuser 88g
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