Fluval Edge Extendable Gravel Cleaner

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Reach the depths of your Edge Gravel substrate using this specially designed Fluval Edge Extendable Gravel Cleaner. Precise cleaning and a compact design make it perfect for these beautiful tanks.


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Product Information

It's easy to keep your Fluval Edge aquarium clean with this extendable Gravel Cleaner. It can extend from 38 to 76cm for use in both the 23 litre and 46 litre Fluval Edge fish tanks.

The Gravel Cleaner comes complete with two precision heads. The larger head is perfect for deep cleaning and will clean the deepest gravel, removing dirt and waste in a smooth up and down motion.

The second, slimmer head is great for precise cleaning and will clean around decor, plants and more for a perfect clean.

To begin, simply action the 'easy start valve' and begin cleaning. It's easy with this efficient device from Fluval, just one part of the great accessory range for the Fluval Edge.

Key Features:

  • Extendable to fit both 23 and 46 litre Fluval Edge
  • Extends from 38cm - 76cm
  • Precision head to fit around decor etc.
  • Deep cleaning head for deep areas
  • Gravel blocker to stop clogging
  • Easy start valve

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