Fluval External Filters 06 Series

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For outstanding performance choose from the Fluval 06 External Filter range to provide multi-stage filtration for a clear and healthy tank.


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Product Information

The Fluval external Filter range delivers many practical benefits, including better filtration and less maintenance frequency, as well as a faster setup, and quieter operation, all of which are designed to make fishkeeping more enjoyable. Building on the success of Fluval 05 Series filters, these filters provide enhanced functionality and filtration performance to create the cleanest, healthiest aquariums ever.

Supported by an amazing three year guarantee, the Fluval External Filters are a brand that you can trust. The user friendly design includes an easy priming feature, as well as an Aqua-Stop feature that will by use of a lever, cut off the water and allow for easier removal of the filter head for maintenance.

The intelligent design also offers lift-lock clamps that provide easy access to the unit and ribbed, clear hosing that can easily bend without kinking, to provide added versatility.

What's included:

  • Updated rim connector for secure hose connection
  • Full media (see below for individual model specs)
  • New clog free intake strainer
  • Full setup and maintenance guide included on DVD
  • Two part lock clamp
  • Inlet and outlet fittings
  • Ribbed hosing

Keep your filter in perfect working condition with replacement bio foam, foam blocks, polishing pads and pre-filter media. There is also 2 in 1 chemical and mechanical media - Phosphate Remover, Ammonia Remover and Nitrate Remover.

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Product Guarantee Dimensions (approx.) Wattage Flow Rate Aquarium Size Filter Media Included
106 External Filter 3 Years 27 x 37.5 x 19 cm 10 watts 550 lph / 125 gph Up to 100 ltrs (salt or freshwater) 2 x Foam, 1 x Carbon (70 g), 1 x Biomax (200 g)
206 External Filter 3 Years 29.5 x 37.5 x 19 cm 10 watts 780 lph / 173 gph Up to 200 ltrs (salt or freshwater) 2 x Foam, 2 x Carbon (70 g), 2 x Biomax (200 g)
306 External Filter 3 Years 41 x 37 x 19 cm 15 watts 1150 lph / 255 gph Up to 300 ltrs (salt or freshwater) 2 x Foam, 3 x Carbon (70 g), 3 x Biomax (200 g)
406 External Filter 3 Years 45 x 37 x 19 cm 20 watts 1550 lph / 345 gph Up to 400 ltrs (salt or freshwater) 2 x Foam, 4 x Carbon (70 g), 4 x Biomax (200 g)

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