Fluval Lizards Tail Plant

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The Fluval Lizard's Tail Plant add a realistic and natural look to your aquarium, without the need for specialist lighting, food or substrates.


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Product Information

The Fluval Aquascape range of realistic and natural looking plants are a great addition to any freshwater aquarium, and a touch of fresh greenery that works well with almost any decoration theme. These are easy to install, with a weighted base and can be easily cleaned and moved as required.

The Lizard's Tail Plant is 40cm and includes a weighted base which is ideal for easy burying into your substrate. This can be any type of gravel or sand substrate, and doesn't require any extra nutrients. The base sits neatly into the substrate, holding it down and keeping the plant in place. For cleaning, simply pluck it out, and clean gently in old tank water, brushing down the leaves to remove any algae as needed.

The Fluval Aquascape Plants can be easily moved and reinstalled in any location, making it simple and super quick to completely change the look of your aquarium, with a redesign or freshen up as and when you want. These can work well alongside other plastic or silk plants, or alongside real live plants if you want, using these to fill the tank out whilst real plants are still growing.

The natural-effect colours of the Fluval Aquascape Lizard's Tail won't fade over time, and they are long-lasting and almost maintenance free, compared to long term costs of real plants.

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