Fluval Nitrite Remover Foam

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Fluval Nitrite Remover Foam is an easy-to-use replacement foam, for use with the full range of Fluval Flex, Fluval Spec and Fluval EVO range of tanks.


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Product Information

This foam block is designed to remove the nitrite from within your aquarium, by neutralising, absorbing and trapping nitrite and nitrate through the use of chemical filtration. By removing the harmful nitrite and nitrate from within the tank, it allows a better quality of water, and a better living environment for fish.

This is ideal for newly stocked, or heavily stocked, tanks, or those with larger fish that may be particularly dirty, when there may be an increase in the levels of nitrite and nitrate. For best results, replace the foam monthly, or as required from testing the water, if a spike of these values is noticed.

This comes in a 4x Duo-Pack.

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