Fluval Plant and Shrimp Stratum

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Fluval Plant and Shrimp Stratum is a mineral-rich soil that is ideal for plant life and inverts within your freshwater aquarium.


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Product Information

This stratum substrate has been collected from the mineral-rich foothills of Mount Aso Volcano in Japan, making it an ideal alternative substrate for planted aquariums and those featuring shrimp

This encourages really strong plant growth, as the roots can easily penetrate and spread throughout substrate to obtain key nutrients that they need. It has a porous structure which allows for the rapid colonization of beneficial nitrifying bacteria.

Plant and Shrimp Stratum helps to support the neutral to slightly acidic pH, which is ideal for most plants, tropical fish and shrimp normally kept in planted aquariums. It also helps to provide newborn shrimp with a refuge from any predators, until they are large enough to emerge. It will not discolor water, but will help with the control of organic discoloration when natural driftwood is present.

This should only be used in freshwater aquariums.

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