Fluval Plus Filter Media

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Ensure the best water quality with these Fluval Plus Filter Media sets, the very best in mechanical and biological filtration.


  • 1 Plus Foam Insert
    code: A180 In Stock (Only 2 left!)
  • 3 Plus Polyester Pad
    code: A191 In Stock (Only 2 left!)

Product Information

Fluval Plus Filter Media is now available from Swell UK, a Leading Online Retailer of Aquarium Supplies.

The Fluval Plus Filter Media has a number of products available to order, dependant on your requirements and are as follows:-

A180 = Fluval 1 "Plus" Foam Insert, helps to ensure efficient cleaning of taquarium water. Designed for the underwater Fluval 1 as well as making the maximum contact between the surface water and the media, and also maximises the amount of beneficial bacteria. (2 pieces per display box).

A184 = Fluval 3 "Plus" Foam Insert. for the Fluval 3 filter

A186 = Fluval 4 "Plus" Foam Insert.for the Fluval 4 filter

A191 = Fluval 3 "Plus" Polyester Pads- fine filtration pads to remove the smallest pieces of waste. To suit the Fluval 3 filter.

Carbon Filter Pads are specifically designed to remove pollutants, odours and the residue from other treatments. These pads are suitable for the Fluval 2 Plus Underwater Filter. (4 per box).

A196 = Fluval 3 "Plus" Carbon Pads, as per the Fluval 2 "plus" but designed specifically for the Fluval 3.

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