Fluval Plus Replacement Impellors

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Extend the lifespan of your Fluval Plus Filter with a spare Plus Replacement Impellor from Swell UK. Cheap and easy to install, its much faster and easier to replace the impellor than buy a new unit.


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Product Information

The Fluval Plus Replacement Impeller is a magnetic impeller which has been designed for the Fluval Plus Filters.

The impellers are specifically for the various models of the Fluval Plus Filters and are as follows:-

  • A-15132 = Suitable for the Fluval 1 "plus" internal power filter.
  • A-15232 = Suitable for the Fluval 2 "plus" internal power filter.
  • A-15332 = Suitable for the Fluval 3 "plus" internal power filter.
  • A-15432 = Suitable for the Fluval 4 "plus" internal power filter.

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