Fluval Sea Marine 3.0 LED

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The Fluval SEA Marine LED offers the marine hobbyist an easy way to have the perfect lighting on their saltwater system.


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Product Information

The Fluval SEA Marine LED light unit is perfect for for hobbyists who want to maintain a thriving saltwater aquarium. It features the free FluvalSmart App technology, and the LED lighting unit offers a variety of customizable options controlled via Bluetooth on your mobile device.

This features a programmable 24 hour light cycle system, giving you complete control over the sunrise, a midday peak, sunset and night settings, allowing you to completely control every aspect of your aquarium lighting. The 7 unique band waves provide a full spectrum lighting, and there is also independent colour control as well. It features a new generation High Thermal Efficiency LEDs, that function at a higher operating temperature which ensures an improved long-term light output and performance from each LED.

It comes complete with optional pre-set habitat lighting conditions, such as Sunny Reef, Deep Sea Glo, and Colour Burst, meaning you can just choose a pre-set option if you want, or control each aspect yourself. It comes within a full encased aluminium shell, which provides effective heat transfer as well as improved protection from any water intrusion and humidity. It is IP67 waterproof rated, so the light can be mounted directly above the water surface, ensuring a great light penetration, as well as providing deep coverage, with each individual LED casting 120° of illumination for wider, uniform lighting without dead spots.

This unit is available in three sizes to suit your aquarium, and is adjustable in length, so can be used across a broad range of aquariums, from 24" - 57" in length, just choose the perfect fit for you!

Key Features:
  • Programmable, gradual 24-hour light cycle settings (sunrise, midday, sunset and night)
  • 7 unique band waves for full spectrum results
  • Optional pre-set habitat light configurations (Sunny Reef, Deep Sea Glo, and Colour Burst)
  • 50% lighter, smoother frame than previous generation
  • Industry leading IP67 waterproof rating
LEDsWattageLumensColour TempFits Aquarium SizeLifetime
SEA Marine 32w16832w1,350 lm25,000 K24 - 34" / 61cm - 85cm50,000 hrs
SEA Marine 46w25246w1,950 lm25,000 K36 - 48" / 91cm - 122cm50,000 hrs
SEA Marine 59w33659w2,550 lm25,000 K45 - 57" / 115 - 145cm50,000 hrs

PAR/ Lux Depth Data:

3" / 8cm Depth6" / 15cm Depth12" / 30cm Depth18" / 46cm Depth
SEA Marine 32w376 PAR / 16,290 Lux222 PAR / 8,750 Lux90 PAR / 3,620 Lux47 PAR / 1,940 Lux
SEA Marine 46w381 PAR / 16,720 Lux236 PAR / 8,910 Lux94 PAR / 4,160 Lux55 PAR / 2,440 Lux
SEA Marine 59w390 PAR / 17,120 Lux243 PAR / 9,210 Lux102 PAR / 4,270 Lux63 PAR / 2,580 Lux

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    Date 01/05/2021 07:05am
    Fluval Sea Marine 3.0 LED 46w 91-122cm
    Feefo Logo
    Great light for the price and some good features with the APP, has a little bit of difficulty setting up and saving settings to the lamp but all good now👍🏻