Fluval Spec-Flex-Evo Replacement Foam Filter Block

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Ensure your Fluval Spec filtration is running perfectly with a Fluval Spec Replacement Foam Filter Block - allowing your discreet filter unit to run like new. These foam blocks also work with the Fluval Flex 34l, and the Fluval Sea EVO tank as well.


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Product Information

Keep your Fluval Spec aquarium looking beautifully clean and clear with this Replacement Foam Filter Block.

This foam block takes care of the first stage of filtration, and mechanically filters dirt and debris from the water. Used in conjunction with the full range of Fluval Spec filtration kit, you can be sure of a crystal clear fish tank and happy, healthy, fish.

Key Features:

  • Foam filter block to strain all dirt & debris.
  • Provides perfect first stage mechanical filtration.
  • Sits in the discrete filtration unit at the rear of the tank.
  • One supplied.

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    Date 11/07/2019 12:07pm
    Fluval Spec Replacement Foam Filter Block
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    just what I needed, good price