Fluval UVC In-Line Clarifier

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Fluval UVC In-Line Clarifier provides an ultraviolet purifying light that can be quickly and easily connector to most canister filters, eliminating suspended bacteria and algae for a clean and clear tank.


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Product Information

Quickly and efficiently clear your aquarium, with this simple addition to your filtration system. The Fluval UVC In-Line Clarifier can be added to almost any canister filter, and will eliminate suspended bacteria and algae particles with your tank water, keeping it clear and healthy.

This is chemical-free, and doesn't affect beneficial bacteria, but instead using DNA-destroying UVC light emissions to attach cloudy and green water. The unit itself is compact and will easily fit in most aquarium cabinets. This Clarifier will help to maintain a clear and healthy environment for your fish, purifying water with a chemical-free and maintenance-free way, whilst also helping live plants to thrive by combating pesky cynobacteria which can often cause plant devastation. The prevention of cloudy or green water means your tank will be looking at its' best at all times, and is suitable for all aquariums, from freshwater, saltwater, and even reptile enclosures, like turtle tanks.

This uses long-lasting Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) technology, using optimum UVC wavelength at its' peak effectiveness, with a 30,000hr bulb lifespan, all whilst being energy efficient with a 4 - 24hr time included, so you can choose to use this intermittently if required.

This is designed for use with the Fluval 06 and 07 Series filter canisters, but will install onto any canister with filter hosing with an internal diameter of 5/8" (16mm), and can be used in either direction, so no need to relocate any current filtration set up, taking just minutes to install in-line.

The unit itself measures at 6.25 x 5 x 2.5" (16 x 13 x 6.6cm), so is compact and easy to fit in almost any location, weighing in at less than 300g. It uses only 3w power, and comes with a 6ft /1.9m power cord, with a 930l/h max flow rate.

This is ideal for aquariums up to 400l, of any type.

Included in the box:

  • UVC Unit
  • 4 - 24hr Timer
  • 100-240v / 50-60Hz Power Supply
  • 18.5"/47cm Hose
  • 2 Mounting Screw

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    Date 07/01/2021 11:01am
    Fluval UVC In-Line Clarifier
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    Not happy that the item is a complete throw away if the bulb stops working or at the end of its life.

    Very poor from fluval to be doing this , we already have plastic issue in the world and this just adds to it.

    no inspection window to see if the lights working.

    As a device for UV should work well just like any other Device.

    My complaints are around the design , very poor and the throw away nature is just no excuses in to days world, not difficult to replace a bulb.