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Fritz Refractometer Calibration Fluid

A ready-made calibration solution perfect for refractometers

At a glance...
  • Pre measured refractometer calibration fluid
  • Easy to use nozzle for simple drop application
  • Quickly calibrate to 35ppt
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I've never had any issues with Fritz Calibration Fluid, I highly recommend it.

What is Fritz 35ppt Calibration Fluid?

Refractometers require frequent calibration to ensure accurate results. For your saltwater aquarium to run at its optimal salinity, you must ensure that your measuring equipment is accurate. Fritz Calibration Fluid is designed to be used as a reference for ensuring your refractometer is set correctly when measuring salinity in aquariums. It's pre-measured at 35ppt which is the norm for saltwater aquariums.

What are the benefits of using a calibration fluid?

As calibration fluid already measures at 35ppt, it eliminates the need for costly measuring equipment by enabling you to calibrate your refractometer without the guesswork. It's important to re-calibrate your refractometer regularly to avoid them becoming unreliable measuring equipment, as over time they can show off readings.

What are refractometers?

Refractometers are precise go-to tools for salinity testing in saltwater aquariums. They give you accurate readings of salinity after you have mixed your salt with the RO water ensuring you are getting the right saltwater ratio in your tank to support your aquatic life.

Directions and dosage

Shake the bottle well before application. Ensure the refractometer prism surface is clean, wipe with distilled or RO water if necessary and dry with a cloth. Add 2 - 3 drops of solution to the prism surface and cover.

Clean and dry prism surface after use. Check instrument calibration regularly, once per month is recommended. Do not add test fluid back to the container. Tightly replace the lid to prevent evaporation. Note: If using an ATC Refractometer, allow 45 seconds before reading.



Ingredients Sodium chloride, RODI water
Suitable for Reef aquariums
Size 2 oz
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