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Fritz Fishless Fuel

Ammonia liquid for freshwater and saltwater cycling

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  • Pure liquid Ammonia source for freshwater and saltwater cycling
  • Supports nitrifying bacteria during a fishless cycle
  • Dropper bottle makes dosing easy
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Whenever I'm creating bacterial colonies, Fishless Fuel is the perfect addition to speed up growth

What is Fritz Fishless Fuel?

Fritz Fishless Fuel liquid ammonia is used to feed bacteria when establishing a filter with a bacteria colony. During the introduction of new bacteria strains into an aquarium, it is used to cycle an aquarium in a fishless cycle.

What are the benefits of using fishless fuel ammonia solution?

Fritz Fishless Fuel eliminates the guesswork of dry ammonium chloride powders and other ammonia sources such as fish food or other organic materials. As a pure liquid ammonia source, you can easily feed your nitrifying bacteria and establish a healthy biological filter.

Fritz Fishless Fuel formula supports nitrifying bacteria during a fishless cycle. Cycling an aquarium is extremely important. It helps to establish healthy bacteria levels in the substrate and tank water. In an aquarium, ammonia is the primary waste product. Ammonia and nitrite levels rise as fish defecate, food decays, and waste accumulates. Consequently, the water becomes extremely toxic for fish. Cycling a fish tank with Fishless Fuel boosts the growth of bacteria that convert these toxins into less harmful substances.

Is Fritz Fishless Fuel safe to use around fish and other livestock?

No, Fritz Fishless Fuel should only be used during a fishless cycle. Fish and other aquatic livestock shouldn't be exposed to Fritz Fishless Fuel. 






300 gallons


Contains 40 mg/mL TAN (total ammonia nitrogen)

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