Fritz FuzzOut

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  • Filter media that combats algae blooms and keeps essential trace elements
  • Treats up to 284 l
  • Ideal for use with fresh and saltwater aquariums


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Product Information

What is Fritz FuzzOut?

Fritz FuzzOut is an algae removing filter media. It can be used in both fresh and saltwater aquariums of all sizes and treats up to 284 l of water. Pre-filled in a media bag for convenience, this filter media will combat algae blooms and lower phosphate levels in your aquarium for maximum water clarity.

What are the benefits of using this filter media?

Fritz FuzzOut combats stubborn hair algae in aquariums while oxygenating water. As well as eliminating toxins, metals, and odours, it also provides bacteria for oxygenating aquarium water. Additionally, it assists in the removal of phosphate and prevents algae and organic matter build-ups. Each bag is an easy one-use treatment.

Directions and dosage

Turn off your tanks circulation and remove all large patches of hair algae by hand, turning them back on once you've removed all you can. Place one bag of Fritz FuzzOut within a high flow area of your filtration system, and the treatment will begin working immediately. For best results remove the Fritz FuzzOut bag after two weeks of treatment and perform a 20% water change, ideally using reverse osmosis water. You can repeat the treatment for a further two weeks if hair algae is still visible.

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