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Fritz pH Neutralizer

pH neutralizer for fresh and tropical aquariums

At a glance...
  • pH adjuster that provides a healthy, stable pH of 7.0
  • Safe for freshwater and tropical aquariums
  • Removes chlorine and chloramine from tap water
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pH can be very fiddly at the best of times, this is a great way to get it under control and keep it steady.

What is Fritz pH neutralizer?

Fritz pH Neutralizer is a concentrated formula that adjusts pH levels in freshwater, coldwater and tropical aquariums. As well as providing your aquarium environment with a stable pH of 7.0 a level at which most freshwater community fish, this pH adjuster is a tap water treatment solution as it removes chlorine, ammonia and chloramine.

What are the benefits of using a pH neutralizer?

A balanced, neutral pH is essential to the health of the aquarium livestock and the efficiency of the bio-filter.

An aquarium's pH can fluctuate due to biological and/or chemical activity. Often, the pH of a new aquarium tends to measure at a higher pH value and subsequently drops as it ages. The Fritz pH Neutralizer adjusts high and low pH values to 7.0, a level at which most freshwater fish and plants thrive and reproduce. Fritz pH Neutralizer also removes chlorine, chloramine and ammonia making tap water in your aquarium safe.

This neutralizer can also make life easier when you have a tank with mixed species since it isn't always possible to cater to the pH parameters of each individual fish. When making pH adjustments, a healthy stable pH 7.0 is a good base to aim for.

When should I use a Fritz pH neutralizer?

Fritz pH neutralizer is perfect for when you are setting up a new aquarium, carrying out a water change in existing aquariums or adjusting the pH of an existing aquatic environment.

What is the correct dosage for my fish tank?

For every 38 litres of water, add 1 level teaspoon of Fritz pH Neutralizer. Repeat as needed. If needed, dosage may be safely doubled.



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