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Fritz RPM Elements Liquid Magnesium

Improve the magnesium levels in your aquarium

At a glance...
  • A liquid magnesium aquarium treatment
  • Balances calcium and carbonates in water
  • A range of sizes to stock up on
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Magnesium plays a critical role in marine aquariums by maintaining the balance between calcium and alkalinity. It is impossible to maintain calcium and alkalinity at the proper levels without also maintaining magnesium.

A proper magnesium level is also critical for the health and vitality of many reef aquarium inhabitants. The biologically useful forms of magnesium used in Fritz RPM Liquid Magnesium are utilised in the growth and development of many corals, invertebrates and beneficial calcareous algae. Fritz RPM Liquid Magnesium is formulated using only the highest purity magnesium chloride and magnesium sulfate in a balanced ratio, helping the aquarist to maintain the correct ratio of chloride to sulfate ions found in natural seawater.

Key Features:

  • Highly concentrated ionic magnesium solution.
  • Proper magnesium levels help regulate the balance between calcium and carbonates in aquarium water
  • Help reef-building organisms such as corals and clams to form skeletal material
  • Stronger than most competing products
  • Contains no unwanted organic material such as EDTA, gluconate, or polyglyconate

Guaranteed Analysis:

Magnesium (min) 70,000 ppm


Deionized water, magnesium chloride, magnesium sulfate

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