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Fritz RPM Part 1 Alkalinity

Maintain a healthy vibrant marine aquarium

At a glance...
  • Highly concentrated carbonate alkalinity
  • Maintains critical components, alkalinity and pH
  • Great for dosing systems
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Teamed up with Fritz RPM Part 2, this makes an outstanding reef aquarium treatment.

What is Fritz RPM Part 1 Alkalinity?

Fritz RPM Part 1 Alkalinity is a highly concentrated carbonate for use with reef or marine aquariums. It maintains proper alkalinity without adding unwanted ions or metals and promotes balanced formations of coral skeleton.

What are the benefits of using carbonate in a reef aquarium?

Using Fritz RPM Part 1 Alkalinity, you can not only keep coral reefs healthy and vibrant, but you also maintain the alkalinity within your reef aquarium, which is a critical component to proper ionic balance. In addition, it does not contain unmeasured ions or metals, which if not checked can cause toxicity in your aquarium.

How can I maintain optimum coral growth?

Part 1 Alkalinity provides a high carbonate that is present in seawater, which when combined with Fritz RPM Calcium Buffer System and frequent water changes with high quality salt, maintains the correct ionic balance required for coral growth plus healthy and beautiful fish.

Directions and dosage

Adjustment dosage: Shake well before use. Start by measuring the alkalinity of the aquarium water and determine how much you want to increase it. Each ml will increase the alkalinity in 3.78 l of water by 2.1 dKH.

Routine dosing: Shake well before using. Before beginning routine dosing, adjust the alkalinity levels to between 8-11 dKH. If the alkalinity level has been adjusted to the desired level, the recommended starting dose is 5 ml (1tsp) of each calcium and alkalinity supplement per 20 gallons of aquarium water per day. Maintain alkalinity between 8-11 dKH by testing daily and adjusting dose accordingly. If calcification occurs in the aquarium, the dose may have to be increased significantly over the recommended starting dose.




Fritz RPM Part 1 Alkalinity 16oz

Fritz RPM Part 1 Alkalinity 32oz




Guaranteed analysis

Alkalinity (min) 8,000 dKH

Alkalinity (min) 8,000 dKH


Deionized water, sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate

Deionized water, sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate

Suitable for 

Saltwater aquariums

Saltwater aquariums

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