Gamma NutraPellets Freshwater Algae & Colour Boost

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Gamma NutraPellets are the freshwater food from TMC, with added algae and colour boosters, making them ideal for omnivores and herbivore freshwater fish.


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Product Information

This Gamma NutraPellets food is an advanced, nutritionally complete food pellet, that comes with added algae, and natural colour enhancers, which is suitable for all omnivorous & herbivorous tropical freshwater fish.

This comes as a soft, pre-mixed, sinking pellets for easy feeding and low waste, and is 100% natural, and also easily digestible. It contains naturally occurring sensory attractants to encourage feeding in your fish, and has been processed with cold extrusion to ensure no loss of nutritional value.

There is added algae and colour enhancers within this food, as well as added LIGNIN which makes it perfect for wood-eating Catfish. This is suitable for every day feeding of all omnivorous tropical freshwater fish, and is specially formulated with lower protein levels and higher algae and vegetable levels to meet the needs of herbivorous freshwater fish such as Green Cichlids, Plecs and Catfish

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