Gamma NutraShots Freshwater Algae & Colour Boost

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Gamma NutraShots Freshwater pellets from TMC provide the best quality diet for omnivores and herbivores, with algae and added colour booster.


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Product Information

Gamma NutraShots Freshwater Algae and Colour Boost provides targeted and specific nutrition for omnivores and herbivores in your tropical tank. These comes in a 12mm pellet, which is part of TMCs advanced press-on food ball technology, so this can be placed on rock work or on the glass, so fish can naturally graze throughout the day, and provide optimum viewing for you whilst they're feeding.

This food is 100% natural, and therefore is easily digestible. The pre-mixed, ready to use food balls are ideal for easy feeding and ensuring there is low waste, as well as coming with added colour enhancers and a specially formulated mix of algae to ensure they are getting the prefect diet.

This food is suitable for every day feeding of all omnivorous tropical freshwater fish, and comes with a specially formulated plan with lower protein levels and higher algae and vegetable levels to meet the needs of herbivorous freshwater fish such as Green Cichlids, Plecs and Catfish. There is also added LIGNIN which makes it perfect for wood-eating Catfish, such a L number plecs.

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