Gamma Nutrashots Freshwater Nutri and Vitality Boost 100g

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Gamma Nutrashots Freshwater offer a Nutrient and Vitality Boost, and are perfect for freshwater carnivores!


  • Nutra Shots Nutri & Vitality Boost 100g
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Product Information

This Gamma Nutrashot is specially formulated to meet the higher nutritional requirements of freshwater carnivorous fish, such as Red Cichlids, South American Cichilids, Discus & Catfish. It comes with added nutri and vitality boosters, including probiotics, garlic, aloe vera and omega 3.

This is suitable for feeding to new or stressed freshwater fish to naturally maintain health, and Gamma NutraShots can be stuck to the aquarium glass for a novel feeding experience or placed strategically around the aquarium to help reduce aggression or target-feed catfish.

All Gamam feeds are made in the UK using the highest quality, 100% natural ingredients, extruded at low temperatures to ensure the nutritional content is maintained, providing a highly nutritional diet that is easily digestible with low waste left in the aquarium.
It is recommended to feed your fish several times a day in small but frequent amounts and only as much as they can eat within 10 minutes. Always remove uneaten foods.

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