BiOrb Green Water Clarifier

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Keep your Biorb Tank clean and clear of algae with this biorb Anti Algae Service kit, featuring everything your should need to keep your Biorb aquarium system clear of green water and clumped algae on the sides.


  • Green Water Clarifier
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Product Information

If your biOrb Aquarium is suffering from Algae problems then why not try the biOrb Anti Algae Filter!

The No Algae kit is suitable for all freshwater aquariums. The kit contains a specially designed Anti-Algae cartridge. The kit also contains full instructions.

The Anti-Algae Kit is designed to be used if Algae levels increase to significant levels. If you only have a small amount of algae you are probably over feeding or your aquarium is in too much light.

The Anti-algae Kit destroys the algae making it easier to remove. The standard Filter cartridge should be removed and the Anti-algae filter cartridge installed. 25% of the anti-algae sachet is then added every day for 4 days.

This is a treatment cartridge and must be replaced after 7 days with a standard Service Kit.

If your aquariums still suffers from an Algae problem after the treatment then the problem is likely to be because of over-feeding or positioning your aquarium in sunlight. Consider reducing feeding (Goldfish 2-3 pellets per day Maximum) and moving your aquarium into a darker corner of your house.


  • Anti-Algae filter cartridge.
  • 2x Anti Algae treatment Sachets.
  • Cleaner Pad.

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