BiOrb HALO 30 White LED

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Create a stunning aquatic display with a Biorb HALO 30 - White, with a superior lighting system that really brings your aquarium to life. It even changes to a moonlight setting automatically when its time for bed - beautiful!


  • HALO 30 White LED
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Product Information

BiOrb are well known for their beautiful and unique range of orb aquariums, and the Halo is no different. This unique aquarium holds 30 litres of water, so it's perfect for a small number of fish. The tank has cool white accents that will look contemporary and stylish in the home or office. The water line is concealed by the white trim, so the overall effect is seamlessly beautiful. It is also available in a smooth grey too.

The Halo range also boasts a stunning lighting system. A ring of LED bulbs runs around the inside of the lid, casting a 3D illumination on the life beneath. A built in sensor will automatically change the light to a tranquil moonlight as the day draws to a close. LED id fast becoming the preferred choice of aquaria lighting as it emits little heat, lasts longer and saves money.

The Halo range uses the same powerful filtration system as the whole BiOrb collection. The integral filter uses a cartridge to strain all debris from the water. Depending on usage, it is recommended that it is changed every 4-5 weeks.

The Halo 30 has a number of elegant features to make it more convenient and safe for you. Feeding is easy via the hinged lid, saving mess and time. Helpfully, the lid also has a secure magnetic catch that will ensure it is tightly closed.

Firm rubber feet stop the Halo from slipping, so you can place it on pretty much any surface.

Key Features:

  • Complete set, consisting of acrylic aquarium, light unit, pump, transformer, air stone, filter cartridge, ceramic bed
  • Guaranteed easy to install: The aquarium is completely set up in just a few steps
  • Made of highly-resistant, clear and light acrylic
  • Guaranteed easy cleaning and care and thanks to a patented filter system the ecosystem is kept in balance
  • Unique and transformable through numerous decoration variants
  • Safe 12 volt technology.
  • Visually seamless aquarium in classic spherical design with concealed water line
  • With durable and energy-efficient LED standard light unit

*Plants and d├ęcor not included

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