If a certain lager brand did pond pumps.... It would likely be the Oase Aquamax Eco Premium, estimated by many to be the best pond pump on the market.

The Eco Premium gives you exactly what you want in a pond pump - reliability, efficiency and lower running costs. With Swell, the Eco Premium also comes with a top of the range satellite strainer.

The Eco Premium has a 5-year guarantee (3 years standard, plus a further 2 years upon registration of the product) and offers a unique patented frost protection system to ensure that the pump remains undamaged even at very low temperatures.

Oase's Environmental Function Control protects the pump against dry-running and blockages.

It can be used dry (outside of the pond) - with it's quiet running operation it is ideal for swimponds and bathing ponds, and works in temperatures as low as -20 C.

This model boasts 25% lower running costs than previous models, and has very low energy consumption through use of an energy efficient motor.

The Premium models have larger filter intake holes for better filtration, providing displacement of coarse debris particles up to 11mm.

There is a choice of five different models, depending on the flow rates you need - as suggested by the pump name: the 4,000 has a maximum flow rate of 4,000 ltrs per hour, the 8,000 has a maximum flow rate of 8,000 ltrs per hour and so on.