Hikari Cichlid Gold Baby

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Hikari Cichlid Gold Baby provides your baby cichlids with high quality nutrition while promoting their natural bright and lively colouring

Product Information

Hikari Cichlid Gold Baby fish food is designed to give baby Cichlids the best possible start.

 The small pellets have been created to make feeding easier for infant fish, and promote natural feeding behaviours. They do not break up easily and can be seen in the water easily, so you can monitor how much has been consumed.

 These pellets contain a high dose of vitamins, minerals and protein and natural carotene which promotes strong, beautiful colours. Added vitamin C contributes towards a healthy immune system and good resistance to disease.

 The pellets contain around 32% protein which is ideal for these tiny fish and will encourage good growth.

 Directions for use: feed 2-3 times per day, removing uneaten food after 10 minutes.



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