Hikari Lionhead Mini Fish Food

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Give your little Lionhead fish the best start in life with this Hikari Lionhead Mini Fish Food, formulated to give them everything they need to live happy little lives.


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Product Information

Lionhead fish will thrive on this Hikari Lionhead Mini Fish Food.

The pellets have been designed with a higher amount of amino acids than traditional foods. This promotes the best possible growth in your fish.

Using a dry food cuts down on the risks of the live foods that Lionheads would usually eat. So the risk of parasites and bacteria is much less. The recipe also boost natural colours and vitality, so that your fish look beautiful.

With 46% protein, these pellets can satisfy the hungriest appetite. It also contain essential vitamins, minerals and more to promote the best of health in your aquarium. The added vitamin C supports a healthy immune system and lowers the chance of disease and infection too.

Each pellet measures around 3.5-4mm. Feed your fish a small amount, and remove any uneaten food after a few minutes to cut down on waste.

Suitable for all types of goldfish including Oranda, Azumanishiki and Ranchu.

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    Hikari Lionhead Mini Fish Food 350g
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