Hozelock Aquaforce Strainer Cage

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The Aquaforce Strainer Cage is to be used with any of the new Aquaforce pumps.


  • Aquaforce Strainer Cage
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Product Information

The Hozelock Aquaforce Strainer Cage is a great extra unit for the Aquaforce pumps; models 6000, 8000, 12,000 and 15,000. It can be attached to the original pump via a secondary outlet, which means you double the surface area of the pump. The sturdy cage protects the vital components of the pump from the damage that larger particles of waste and debris or stones that may enter the system can cause.

The Strainer Cage is ideal to use in ponds where there is high level of debris. It will take solid waste of up to 8mm in size, which means the water that travels to a skimmer or filter is cleaner, prolonging the life of your equipment and ensuring that your pond is cleaner for longer.

The cage allows for extra filtration to be attached, such as a pond skimmer or satellite filter, so you could have two methods of filtration in your pond. It also has a unique Wildlife Protection System that prevents small creatures and fish from being drawn into the pump.

To make it easier to position, the unit has a carrying handle and can be placed on its side or end which means that you can place it exactly where you need it.

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