Hozelock Patio Pond Outdoor Aquarium

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Create a stunning water feature in your garden, balcony or patio, in just half an hour, with this above-ground pond.


  • Outdoor Aquarium Pond
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Product Information

This Outdoor Aquarium from Hozelock is the perfect feature for any garden, no matter the size, whether grass or paved, balcony or acres! This flat packed feature pond is a super quick installation, easily done by one person with a revolutionary 'twist and lock' system that elimates all need for tools.

The side viewing ports ensure you can enjoy your fish at all times, especially when sitting out next to the unit, seeing them at mid-level in their natural environment. This is a convenient and modern alternative to a traditional pond and ideal for any outdoor space.

The built unit measures at 95cm x 95cm x 70cm, and holds 500l of water. Complete with a three year guarantee, this Hozelock quality feature can transform your outdoor space within hours.

Ideal for use with a compact in-pond filter, providing you optimum filtration and a water display as well, such as the Swell In Pond 2500, complete with UVC as well.

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