Hozelock Bioforce Revolution 6000 Filter and Swell 4500 Filter Pump

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A step up in pond filter design, this Hozelock Bioforce Revolution and Swell 4500 filter pump kit offers excellent quality at an excellent price from Swell UK.


  • Bioforce Revolution 6000 and Swell 4500 Filter Pump
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Product Information

The Bioforce Revolution 6000 is designed so that it can be installed either above or below ground level, allowing you more control over the look of your garden. The Revolution features a unique special handle on top of the head unit which when turned, automatically cleans your filter, saving you time, hassle and a lot of mess! When operated the internal cleaning blades quickly separate solids from the filter foams, leaving your filter as good as new with a clear and healthy pond. Layers of filter foams of varying densities easily remove larger particles of debris from your pond water and can easily be cleaned, while the Kaldnes K3 media inside the biological filter has an increased surface area, allowing for beneficial bacteria to breakdown organic matter and algae.

The strong 18w PLL UV light section kills off green algae blooms, bonding the free floating particles together so that the mechanical media stops it from going back into your pond, leaving you with much cleaner water.

Swell have matched the Swell Filter Pump 4500 with this filter as we feel it will allow the filter to work at its best. The pump is very effective, robust and requires minimal maintenance thanks to its solid handling design. Its low wattage motor also makes it very cheap to run, being only 60w. Having a maximum head of 2.6m it allows you to position your filter a little away from your pond so it can be out of sight.

Keep your Bioforce Filter in tip-top condition with Hozelock Bioforce Filter Foam Sets and Hozelock Bioforce Service Kits.

Product Guarantee Max Pond Size (no fish) Max Pond Size (with fish) Pipe Sizes Max Flow Rate Max Head Cable Length Notes
Hozelock Bioforce 6000 2 years 12000ltr 6000ltr (Not for Koi) 25mm, 32mm & 38mm N/A N/A 3m PLL 18w UV
FREE - 3m of 38mm pipe and clips
Swell Filter Pump 4500 2 years 12000ltr 6000ltr (Not for Koi) 20mm, 25mm, 32mm & 38mm 4500lph 2.6m 10m 60w power consumption

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    Date 09/09/2019 08:09am
    Hozelock Bioforce Revolution 6000 and Swell 4500 Filter Pump
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    Good replacement for old pump
  • Rating
    Date 16/08/2019 06:08am
    Hozelock Bioforce Revolution 6000 and Swell 4500 Filter Pump
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    I still don’t have this, I needed it 4 days ago. Now have to collect from a depot miles away.