Hozelock Solar Air Pump

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Save on your electricity bills while providing your pond with a reliable air supply, this Hozelock Solar Air Pump uses the world's most natural energy to oxygenate your garden pond.


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Product Information

The Hozelock Solar Air Pump is a cost and energy effective way to improve the water clarity and oxygen dissemination in your garden pond.

This solar powered air pump can be installed into the ground around your pond. It uses the suns energy to create energy to create movement within the pond. This shares oxygen around and avoids torpid sections of water which can lead to further water problems.

Sleek and compact in design, this low cost solar pump takes up little space in your garden. It's ideal to use in the summer months to make the most of the extra light and keep your pond in good condition. Not only is it low cost, it is a great way to conserve energy sources too, whilst supporting a healthy pond.

The kit includes airline and two air stones so that you can create two streams of bubbles to keep the water moving and oxygen distributed around.


  • Solar panel on spike
  • Airline
  • 2 x air stones.


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