Hugo Kamishi Aquascaping Decor Display Kit 2

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This complete decor kit is perfect for setting up the perfect look in your aquarium in one go, available in two separate packs, of Rocks and Plants.


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Product Information

This kit is perfect for aquarists who don't have time, or the creativity, to set up a great looking aquarium from scratch. This kit comes in two separate pieces, with either all the Rock work, or all the Plants, and is combined together to make this stunning display. Ideal for aquariums of around 80cm in length, these Rock and Plant kits can be used to create just about any look you want, and the beauty of these is that you can rearrange any time you want!

This can be used with sand as shown, or any other type of gravel to create the look you want, and can have more items added to create a more personal design to you, including the use of more plants, even live ones, to get a unique and stunning display.

Please note that the video and the image show the plant pack and the rock pack being put together. The video shows one way to put together the masterpiece, there are very clear instructions on how to achieve this effect within the pack but there are 100's of combinations on ways to put these displays together.

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